The Kustom Kraft Difference

Tournament Tested

Swimbaits On Steroids


Kustom Kraft Baits are hand-poured by our “Swimbaitologists.” Whether you’re a tournament pro, commercial fisherman or a “weekend warrior”, we have what you need!

We make baits for just about any fishing application, in fresh or in salt water.

And when money is on the line, you better have it attached to a Kustom Kraft bait!

Our History


All Kustom Kraft baits are proudly made in the U.S.A.! We want to make America Bait Again!  Kustom Kraft has been hand-pouring baits since 1998 for tackle stores and anglers from Alaska to Mexico, from the West Coast to the East Coast and all of Middle America-  as well as Australia and Germany!  We make baits for virtually every fish that swims, fresh and saltwater alike!

Kustom Kraft baits were designed by commercial fishermen for commercial fishing and sport fishing. Our focus was to create a “meatier” and more durable line of baits. A bait that would withstand the beating and the shredding cavern of razor-sharp teeth of our target species, the Lingcod, and their supporting cast of all Rockfish species: Cabazon, White Sea Bass, Yellowtail, Halibut, and Tuna!

We use a plastic compound that is super soft but has unparalleled strength and durability.  We regularly receive reports of 10, 15, 20 and more fish on one bait! Recently, an ecstatic commercial fisherman told us he caught 156lbs of lingcod on one 9″ Flaco!


Kustom Kraft 101


Most of the different brands of swimbaits available on the market today have roughly the same shape- a “skinny” fishlike profile, a small fore-tail and a tail of varying sizes and shape. 
The hurdle we were trying to overcome was when you impale a 2, 3, 4 oz or larger jighead the bait would split at the insertion point or “collar”, AND that “skinny” bait would only last a couple of fish or less!  
In addition, the best design depends on what kind of action you want. We’ve seen tails on baits that are oversized and you’d think they’d swim great…WRONG! Too large of a tail makes the bait swim like a block of wood!

The equation is pretty simple: The smaller the tail, the “tighter the wiggle.” The bigger, the more “loping” or “thumping.” You want a bait that “calls the fish in…” Kustom Kraft Baits are irresistible!