Hand poured swimbaits in dozens of varieties.

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These lures are made of a soft plastic compound making them natural, yet durable enough to withstand any wear and tear a fighting fish can throw at it. Our proprietary blend soft plastic body gives it a realistic feel, giving you more time to set the hook after a bite.

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3", 4", 5", 7", 9"


Almondine, Astro Pop, Atomic Punk, Bam! Bam!, Bassattack, Bazooka Joe, Black Halloween, Black Widow, Bleeding Channel Island Chovy, Bleeding Mackerel, Bleedy Dime, Blood Diamond, Blue Grunion, Blue Saury, Boiler Crab, Brown Bait, Cabo Candy, Calico Hunter, Candy Squid, Cha Ching Chovy, Channel Island Chovy, Chemdawg, Cherry Bomb, Chovy, Christmas Tree, Clear Blue, Clear Green, Clear Purple, Clear Sardine, Clownfish, Copper Haze, Copper Herring, Dirty Dine, Donkey Shine, Dorado, Emerald Triangle, Firecrab, Firecracker Shad, Fish Chick, Ghost Shrimpsta, Golden Squid, Graylight, Great White, Halloween, Hitch, Hot Zucchini, Jakes Drake, KeylimeRoe, Lava Lamp, Mackerel, Mean Dine, Nuclear Fallout, Pearl White, Pelagic Magic, Penny Grind, Pink Lemonade, Popsicko, Purple Haze, Rainbow Trout, Red Crab, Red Hunters, Red Olive Herring, Redrum, Rock Candy Crush, Rusty Nutz, Sandy Candy, Scrambled Egg, Senorita, Sexy Smelt, Shad, Silver Phantom Chartreuse, Smelt, Smelt Roe, Smoke Violet, Smokin Hot, Spot Remover, Squidward, Striper Glo, Surf Smelt, Tenneessee Shad, Trout, Tunalicious, Voodoo, Witches Brew, Wookiee, Wounded Soldier, Wrath Child, XXX Glo, Zombie


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