The oversized curtail swims perfectly for hunting big rockfish, halibut, big vermillion, coppers, and other large rockfish.

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Bloody Sandworm, Mud, Ocho Loco, Orange Bling, Sandy Candy, Tailgunner, Wounded Soldier


4", 7", 9"


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This bait is an epic big fish bait. The body is shaped like an elongated football that slopes toward the front of the bait to give the angler the ability to use a larger profile bait without having to use a larger heavier jighead when fishing in shallow water. It can also be used with a heavier jighead without it looking “blocky”or unnatural. The oversized sickle tail undulates with little current or movement, calling the biggest Lingcod and Rockfish species to zone in on this bait! Also, because of its conical face, you will incur less coefficient drag.